Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Maladies...

Avanti "Feeling Green?" Sick Frog Get Well Card
Welcome to week 2 of Monday's Maladies, a forum in which we define illnesses and diseases contracted by witches and other wicked creatures.


When a witch contracts Feebles, he or she becomes despondent, and loses self confidence which is a very dangerous condition. If left untreated, it can turn into Alfrightus.


The advanced form of Feebles.
Similar to phobias in humans but in a more extreme form. With Alfrightus, witches fear EVERYTHING, including themselves which can cause suicidal tendancies. Cases do not end in suicide however, due to the affected witch being AFRAID of suicide.

"Hooping Cough"

This affects the young. When a coughing fit occurs, involuntary flipping occurs...thus, the term "Hooping."
Unfortunately, during hooping fits, children end up bonking their heads quite a bit, leading to bruising.
Hooping Cough has been linked to diminished mental capacity so it is considered a very serious disease.


A disease contracted only by wizards. Once contracted, a wizard's skin will turn a lovely shade of pink which can lead to depression. There is no known cause and the cure rate is quite low. There have been breakouts at Wizard conventions. When this occurs, the disease is referred to as Salmenella.


Inflewinza actually affects a witch's broomstick. When not properly cleaned and maintained, a broomstick can develop inflewinza.
During this state, the broom can only fly indoors which will lead to disaster because you do not know the broom has contracted the illness until you hop on for a ride.

Fortunately, inflewinza is quite rare due to the fact that brooms can tolerate a fair amount of dirt, debris and neglect.


Jenny S said...

I have to say, my broom is quite neglected (according to my hubby). Is there an innoculation??

Doris Sturm said...

Very interesting Halloween Trivia - have to remember that the next time I dust off my brook to go for a ride Heheheheheheheh

Doris Sturm said...

dust off my broom....sorry!

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