Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Maladies...

Avanti "Feeling Green?" Sick Frog Get Well Card
Today is our 4th and final installment of Monday's Maladies.

"Stink Eye"

This is a highly contagious, yet not dangerous disease.
When one is affected by stink eye, the affected eye is red and irritated causing the witch to squint.
Before being listed as a disease, many people believed they were simply being glared at.
Due to this misunderstanding, the phrase
"giving her the stink eye" was coined.

"Obsessive Repulsive Disorder"

Another disease of the older generation wherein disgust of the younger set is a constant source of irritation.

"Irritable Howl Syndrome"

Another disease to affect werewolves. This is a disease affects werewolves once they return to their human state.
A compulsive syndrome, when angered, the human will involuntarily throw their heads back and howl.
This type of behavior is seen throughout the world at parties and other crowded events. Therefore, most people believe it is celebratory in nature, which is false.

"Old Crones Disease"

This disease affects elderly witches. Once affected, they cannot conjure dehagification correctly and have difficulty ensnaring male victims. As the disease progresses, they age abnormally quickly.

1 comment:

Christine Edwards said...

I think we're gonna have some Irritable Howl Syndrome at my house tonight (hee, hee). Your definitions have been great fun this month.

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