Saturday, December 1, 2012

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I'm writing this letter to you early on behalf of my children.  I know it is unusual to do this but my kids are such great kids and I really want them to get what they want.  
(Some presents only Santa can bring so please do your best.)  
Again, my children have been good this year.  REALLY good this year.  As in the BEST this year.   

                   You are really lucky too because they don't want much at all!

Just one gift each so could you please bring them what they REALLY REALLY want?

 Kaela wants Chris Hemsworth.  Preferably in his Thor outfit (something about long hair and capes and hammers....)  
I've enclosed a photo so you don't accidentally bring her some guy dressed in a Thor costume, that just wouldn't do.

Matt wants a simple 1967 Ford Mustang, Fastback.    He didn't mention what color (darn, I'll have to ask him again and send you a follow up letter.)

Again, I've enclosed a photo to help you so there are no mistakes.  Also, I know you are a bit of a prankster but NO punking him, he wants the ACTUAL CAR, not a matchbox or model.

 Dear Santa,  thank you so much!  I know Christmas morning, my children will pop out of bed with anticipation of the knowledge that these wonderful gifts are on the way!
Love, Matt and Kaela's mom

PS.  I've been really good too this year


Jenny Sellars said...

you sure it's Matt and Kaela are the ones that want these things?? hehehe!

val said...

well, now that you mention it......hahaha!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Cute, Val! Your kids (and you!) deserve everything their hearts desire.:) You are all very precious to me, dear friend. Love you! Lori

gin said...

If you pull this off with Santa, you will be the best mom ever!!

jillytacy said...

What a sweet post! They are great kids; I hope Santa gives them what they want!

Kerry said...

Matt and Kaela - you have outstanding taste !!! Hope Santa brings them what they want .... and brings their sweet Mama what she wants too :-)
Lots of love

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