Friday, December 7, 2012

craft on!

The other day I went into a crafting frenzy.   I do that when stressed.  I'm not a stress-starver.  I'm not a stress-eater.  I'm a stress crafter.

Without going into too much detail, I can say that my dad's health is failing and he is not doing well.  That is hard enough to take but then throw in someone who preys on the elderly and you've got an ugly can of worms.  
The bottom line is that there are some things beyond our control and worrying is not productive...but that doesn't mean you can simply STOP worrying.  

I don't care how strong you are...if you care, you WORRY.  Even with prayers and giving it to God, I still worry.   I can't do ANYTHING else BUT, I worry.

Anyway, last weekend I sort of freaked out and made stuff....and more stuff.....and quite frankly, I am STILL making stuff.  

Crafting alleviated some of the stress I was feeling....and as an added bonus, I got some gifts made:

Bath salts...some in jars I crocheted covers for, some in little globes I found at Hobby Lobby.  These are for co-workers and my ornament swap I'm hosting.

and rose hair bands...the 3 large ones are for co-workers and the little bitty one is for a neighbor's little girl

and a scarf...for a little girl I've not met.  Melinda (a blog friend) wrote me about her and since her favorite color is purple, I made this to send off to Utah.  I'm pretty sure she will like it.

I found this quote the other day:

"It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there's nothing you can do about them...The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized."
--Wayne Dyer

Immobilized? Apparently Wayne never met me!   


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val, so sorry to hear that things are not good with your dad. I am thinking of you. I am a worrier too so I know what's it's like. Glad you are finding crafting helps. I loved seeing everything you made. I always enjoy my visits to your blog, they inspire me to craft too.

jillytacy said...

I continue to pray for you, your dad and your whole family. It's hard not to worry, but I'm glad you've found a way to help. The recipients will be happy with the things you've created.
Sending love your way!

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