Friday, December 14, 2012


The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy around here.....much like everywhere else this time of year.   

Last weekend, we ran over to see my dad.  He had been re- admitted to a rehab facility.  Once again, to gain weight and muscle strength.   It is so hard to see him looking so frail but we enjoyed the weekend and it was good to visit everyone.

This time, dad was in the same facility where mom is.  They aren't in the same room since he is in there temporarily but it was nice to know they could be together most of the time.  They ate their meals together and most times, he was in her room when we arrived.

I gave mom the birdbath I made her and she really liked it. We set it right outside her window where she wanted it. 
Here she is with the'd never know mom is going to be 83 this month!

She was very happy to see us and just marveled at how tall the kids are.

Mom is their highest functioning dementia patient so she gets more freedom than some of the others.    Phil calls her the "Mayor"  because she "runs the joint."   
Everyone knows who she is....including her arch nemesis...some man she and daddy have known for years.  
Apparently,  he tries to steal chairs from feeble old ladies but mom is always there to run him off....hysterical.    I got to witness it once first hand and I couldn't help but laugh.  No one tangles with my mom and comes out unscathed....that Scottish blood...she sure is feisty! 

That being said, she loves her room and her routine and it was such a relief to see how happy she is.

Drum introduction!
A little over a year ago, my sister and her husband lost their sweet dog Abigail very unexpectedly.  It was so hard on them.  They called her the "little love pig" because she oinked like a pig when excited.  We all loved her dearly and will never forget her.     

They finally decided it was time for a new family member and brought home this little sweetie!  Her name is Olivia! 
I am so glad they have her....she is smart as a whip and will keep them busy!  They have a giant playpen for her so they can keep an eye on her while potty training her.

Here she is squirming around in Kaela's arms....

.... just about to wriggle free and dash off...she had started grunting by now.  I couldn't snap the photo fast enough!

"The bond that links your true family is not only one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life"
-Richard Bach

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I hope your dad is doing okay. Your mom looks great. So sad the effect dementia has. Olivia is adorable! Best wishes, Tammy

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