Sunday, December 2, 2012

crochet cozies and other stuff

This past weekend, the kids were busy with homework, year end projects and church presentations.

Matt hit the mall with a friend to do a video on garfinkeling and had a blast doing it.  He posted one of the things they did on facebook.  Garfinkeling is where you violate a social norm (think of shopping out of someone else's shopping cart, stuff like that.)  
They put blue gatorade in a windex bottle and "cleaned" tables at the food court....while also spraying it in their mouths.  They also sat WAY too close to people on benches...amongst other things.  He showed me some videos and they sure did get a lot of weird looks!

But before all that, Matt kicked off the weekend by hitting the road for his first official *wink, wink* driving lesson.   Anyone have a cool vintage car they want to give him?  (Just in case Santa didn't read my letter....)

we also celebrated Suki's birthday with a new toy...a feathery ribbon from a gift someone sent to the house!  Cats are SO much easier to please than boys!

While I entertained Suki, Dean entertained the dogs....Ginger loves it when he rolls her over onto his lap.....but it is NOT easy since she weighs 95 pounds!  She can't run and jump like she used to because of her leg but she is healthy (and happy) otherwise.  When he does this, she gets all excited and then goes into some torpor like trance.  When he puts her back on the ground she goes "mad dog"...running all through the house, jumping and freaking out.  Hy.Ste Ri.Cal!

I spent the weekend cleaning house and doing laundry.  I did get to crochet a little bit. 
I needed to make myself a new coffee cozy because whenever I go to Starbucks for my SALTED CARAMEL HOT COCOA, the baristas covet them.   I've gotten quite a few free cups of hot cocoa by swapping out cozies.  (shhh...don't tell!)   

Anyway, I made this little owl cozy for myself and am NOT giving this one away!  I had a button that looked like a beak so that was the inspiration.  It's cuter in person but I was tired and didn't feel like figuring out the best way to photograph it.

I've posted cozies before and people have wanted a pattern.  I don't use patterns for these and am not a pattern writer but here is how I made it.  I am a "wing it as you go crocheter" so be warned!  I was cracking up as wrote this thinking how people that write patterns for a living must be neurotic.  (sorry June.)  I just do NOT have the patience!

Now that you've been warned, you need to assume that this pattern is for people who ALREADY know how to crochet so please, if you are a newbie, just google cozy patterns...there are plenty of free ones out there!  There are also a lot of them for sale on etsy and June has AMAZING patterns for sale.  Heck, just BUY the cozy and be done with it!

One more thing, my cozy fits a GRANDE size from Starbucks so that is where I started with the amount of chains needed.  It also has a total of 19 rows.  18 regular and 1 edge row.  
Work your own cozy according to the size you want, just work the appropriate amount of rows.  

In case you don't know all these stitches, I linked to June from Planet June.  The linked stitches are in italics. June is the BEST at tutorials on stitches!

                                                      Owl Cozy

Supplies: yarn, funky beak button, blunt needle to weave in ends, scissors

I used red heart yarn and an "I" hook.  Instead of a stitch marker, I used a bit of yarn to mark the beginning of each row.

Stitches you need to know:
single crochet (sc)
single crochet increase (inc)
single crochet decrease 
magic ring

This is crocheted "in the round" meaning you do NOT chain at the end of each row before turning

Make a slipknot and chain 22,  slip stitch to join into a circle.  It will be SNUG.  Do not let the circle turn. (okay, mine turn all the time but this is a cozy people.)

Get your stitch marker handy for working in rows, place it at the beginning of each row and move it as you work.

Row 1: work 1 sc into each chain around = 22 sc.
Row 2: work 1 sc in each sc around = 22 sc
Row 3: inc in 1st sc AND 11th sc but work 1 sc in the rest of the sc around = 24 sc.
Row 4: sc around= 24 sc
Row 5: inc in 1st and 12th sc but work 1 sc in the rest of the sc, around = 26 sc
Row 6: sc around = 26 sc
*Row 7-? (I suggest trying the cozy on every now and then for fit.)

*Now continue adding 2 increases every other row until your cozy is tall enough for you.  Just remember to do your increases opposite one another on the cozy.  Do this by counting stitches or by looking where your stitch marker is. (I'm lazy and just eyeball it.)   Do NOT cut your yarn because you have to make your edge. 

Slip your cozy on.  If the top is loose, you will need to plan to work in 1 or 2 decreases to tighten it up while working your finishing edge.  If it is NOT loose, the decrease will not be needed.

Finishing Edge: Keeping your hook in the last loop of the last sc you just worked, turn your hook so it will face the way you just came.  Now, sc BACK through the row you just worked.  If you need to tighten it, work 1-2 decreases evenly spaced.  This will give it a nice cupped edge at the top. 

Eyes (make 2 unless you want a cyclops)
Start with black
work 6 sc into a magic ring, pull tight
Row 1: work 2 sc into each sc =12 sc. (change to white yarn on 12th sc)
Row 2: work 2 sc into each sc around = 24 sc
leave long tail to sew onto cozy

Make it:
Sew both eyes on cozy
Sew beak down securely about halfway up between the eyes

Now, if it resembles an owl go to your local coffee shop and show it off


jillytacy said...

I Love the cozy, it's so cute!

Tammy said...

Yusef hasn't even taken driving lessons yet. The age for driving here is 18. Taxis are cheap so it is easy for him to get around but eventually he will have to learn. Is Santa going to bring Matt a car? Ginger sounds like she needs to slim down a bit. Jingles has been running through the house crazy every day and meowing in the middle of the night. I think it is mating season -- even though she is fixed, she still has those urges and can hear all the outside kitties. Cute cozy. I did a granny cozy for a mug that I haven't blogged about yet. Just not enough time in the days of late. Best wishes, Tammy

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