Monday, December 24, 2012


'Tis Christmas Eve day and our daughter is sick
With a low grade fever, sore throat and  "ick."
She sleeps on the sofa, covered up with a blankie
The rest of us hovering with trash can and hankie

When what do I remember but the photos from last night?
Before some virus foiled the night?
Photos from travels to see Christmas lights
Photos of places and yards lit up bright.

Then off to the park to see all the trees  
Too many to share, about 43!

 Each school in the city has it's own
All decorated with love to share with the town

A small little space in our little town square
When we arrived, there were lots of folks there!

Looking in windows, all decorated brightly
This small little space is lit up nightly

So parents and children can come take a walk
Wander the sidewalk, sit and just talk

Some, like us, take photos to share
To prove that St. Nicholas really was there

Much to our dismay, our evening cut short
When Kaela, poor thing, she gave a great snort!
A sneezing spat followed, she 'bout blew off her head
So we dashed on home and we dosed her with meds!
She ate some soup so we knew she'd been fed
Then I gave her a toddie and sent her to bed!

That was last night, this is today
I hope that this virus doesn't long stay
For tomorrow is Christmas and we've things to do
But no matter, for now....

Merry Christmas EVE to you!


Jody said...

Poor baby!! Hope she gets felling better soon! Maybe a Suki scarf to keep her neck cozy?!?

Jody said...

No, I don't want her to fall off the couch!! Should have typed "feeling"!!

val said...

haha! thanks Jody! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Hope sweet Kaela feels better soon! Merry Christmas, Val!:) THanks for the wonderful poem!! Lori

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Poor thing! We always seem to have someone sick during the holidays here. It's a tradition we can all do without.

Tammy said...

Ha! Cute poem. I hope she is better. The friend I had coffee with yesterday had a sore throat and her husband was home with a cold and guess what I have now. That icky feeling and a scratchy throat. Ugh! I sure don't remember Slidell being all decked out for the holidays when I lived there. Best wishes, Tammy

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