Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The tree

Our neighborhood backs up to a golf course and this tree is in the middle of one of the greens.
Every day I pass it on my way out of the neighborhood. Every evening I pass it on my way back in....and I always take a moment to look at it.

To most people, this tree is is not pretty. The branches grow unevenly and sparsely. There seems to be more moss that actual tree.
But there is just
something about it that I love.

Some mornings, the fog wraps around the base of the trunk. Other mornings, the frost glistens on the moss and ground.
Even in the faintest of breezes, the Spanish moss waves.
And in the evening, right after dusk, it can look
really creepy. It would be a great Halloween tree!

I keep thinking that I'll get out of my car, walk up and take a decent picture of it but I never do.
I look forward to actually doing just that one day but until then, this will have to do...taken by my daughter hanging out the window while I was rolling by.


Jody said...

I LOVE that tree!! I want it in my yard, but I don't think it would like all the snow and cold.

T's Daily Treasures said...

We bloggers do tend to notice things that others might not see or usually take for granted. When I was in HS, a friend lived along a golf course there ... can't remember the name of it now, but I have a Christmas ornament from the country club. Hope you have a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

jillytacy said...

I think it's cool. Very unique.

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