Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day in NOLA

Kaela has been sick since school let out a of couple weeks ago.
She finally got to feeling better so yesterday we went into NOLA for awhile. We planned on doing several things but it was soooo hot we just went to the aquarium and then out to eat.

On the way into town, we saw a dead gator on the roadway. It was about 4 or 5 feet long. We see a few dead gators on the road each is so NOT normal to see them so far away from water. We always wonder if someone dropped them on the highway to be sad.

Speaking of gators, these babies are not albinos, they have a rare mutation called leucism. They have pretty blue eyes. There is a huge one of them in a separate tank elsewhere in the aquarium. These are in the kiddie section.

they added some new fish to some old these discus and angel fish. Aren't they are gorgeous!

here they are altogether......

See that starfish in the photo below?

I got as close as I could so it is fuzzy and looks fairly large but in reality, it was a teeny bit larger than the end of a pencil eraser.
There were several of these on the coral and tank wall...most were even smaller than this one.
I love clown fish so I take photos of these guys every time we visit.

This tank is in the kiddie section. You always hear kids yelling that they found "Nemo!"

I made a little frog bean bag toy for the Toy Society...
and dropped it in a hidden alcove by a large aquarium when no one was around.

On our way out, we had the kids sit in the port hole as we do that each time we

then we went to Superior Grill for lunch...
afterwards, we drove around a little then Dean and the kids stopped for yogurt..... looks like someone got a bit tuckered out!

overall, it was a great day.


jillytacy said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the fish pictures and the white gators are cool!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
I enjoyed your great pics from the aquarium. The clown fish and the angel fish were my favorites.
Looks like you had a fun day out. Hope Kaela is feeling better now.
Our schools do not finish until the end of July :(

Jenny S said...

I have your son's tshirt!! LOL! I love the martian man!

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