Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hello and goodbye!

With the recent cold snap, all my oxalis (shamrock) plants are happy again.
Most people only keep them as house plants but I've put all mine out into the yard since the cats want to eat them....

See how pretty?

This one is a true cold weather lover. It doesn't bloom at all in the heat of summer but looks lovely this time of year...

the yummy and much more sun tolerant than the green varieties.
I planted these in an area that the dogs run through and lay down in. They've toughed it out this year and will slowly take over the area within a few years....

these are in front of our garden snail in another area the dogs tend to cut through (which is why I have the snail there to discourage them.)

What!!!! Is that nasty grass doing trying to worm its way in....?!

this particular type of oxalis is considered a weed here.....but not to me.

The Happy Gnome my sister gave me. Love him!

Happy little grouping

our Morning Glories and Moon flowers are still hanging on too...but the leaves are showing signs of stress

I found this little plague in a store and snagged it. It says
"Garden Fairies Gather Here"
I love how the morning glories have taken it over...


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
I love your garden fairies sign and your cute gnome. It's lovely to see you still have plenty of color in your garden. It's so wintery here all the leaves are fallen and everything looks so bare :(

Sherry said...

Your plants look so beautiful! We've already had snow and everything here is dead looking. Enjoy your greenery!


amy said...

Those shamrocks are beautiful along with your morning glories and moonflowers! I love clover myself. Maybe next summer I'll dig it up and put it in a pot so they don't mow it down.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your garden still has some nice color. It's a good idea to plant some hardy things where the dogs like to trample. It's easier to work with the dogs instead of trying to keep them out of the garden sometimes.

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