Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's musings....

This is a rather long post so be warned!

My sister Sheri came over this weekend so we could see Eclipse together. We get to there about an hour before it starts to get a good seat and chat We read the books so we talked about the virtues of Team Jacob or Team Edward.

I'm Team Jacob...always have always will be. I mean, come ON:
1. I'm cold all the time, so just the thought of a nice hot body to warm up with is too much to turn down.
2. I love tall men....Dean is a foot taller than me (okay, Taylor isn't that tall..but Jacob in the book is HUGE.)
3. I'm an animal lover and wolves are animals, am I right?
4. Shape shifting is cool....and I love wolves...I mean, if he shifted into a goat or something, maybe not so much.

Sheri is Team Edward:

1 She is menopausal and is hot all the time so Edward being icy cold really appeals to her.
2. She adores the victorian era and their old fashioned values.
3. She likes gorgeous houses and Edward LIVES in a gorgeous house so that works too...right?
4. She faints at the sight of blood...oh wait, that's a negative, hmm. Okay, she is REALLY white....whiter than me, except for the freckles...She is white enough to be a vampire so she would look good standing next to a vampire. Yeah, that works....

Now, just so the stars don't fret over middle aged ladies choices, let me clarify. We made our choices while reading the novels. You two boys that PLAY Jacob and Edward are both is Jasper and so is Emmit...oh, and the girls are cute too. (okay so Pattison is hotter in Harry Potter but that's another story...too bad they killed him off )

So, now on to the REAL reason I blogged about this.....I want to whine a little.

WHY oh WHY oh WHY do people take little kids to movies that are NOT suitable for them to watch?

15 minutes before the movies starts this is what we hear in the row behind us.

"This movie is gonna be SCARY, I wanna sit by my mommy!"
Everyone in the theater turned around to see a little girl of about 7 years old WAILING. I mean, she is REALLY freaking out. She is sitting amongst a LONG row of kids and a couple women. All the kids were young.....too young to be watching Eclipse of all things. I mean, do these women READ the books and KNOW what happens in this movie? Even dumbing it down to be a movie...come ON.
Vampires? hello!

Anyway, this one little girl is HOWLING for quite some time until everyone tells her to shut up. I hear shuffling and sniffles....and sneak a peek behind me. Apparently, she got to sit by her mother because she had moved and was snuggled up next to one of the ladies.

My sister and I were cracking up because it was just so ridiculous bringing such little kids to a vampire flick. Sheri kept saying "I hope that kid has nightmares for a month to teach her mom a lesson. " (I know, we're awful.)

Some folks sit next to us. It was another couple of ladies and with them they had a little girl about 3 years old. She is really loud and happy and munching her popcorn. They settle down and visit until the movie starts and then everyone gets quiet....for a moment.

Opening scene (if you've seen it, you know)....the little girl gets wimpy.....then:


Now, this was a really quiet part of the film, and most everyone in the theater busted out laughing because this little girl SHRIEKED those words....I swear, people you could hear it in the next state. She put the guy in the opening scene to SHAME.

Let me tell you, once that little girl started it never stopped and once she started up, the little girl behind us started up again too. I'm telling you, it was a wail fest.
Dang, I thought the only howling would be on the big screen, not behind and next to about your surround sound.

Now, there is nothing like being on the edge of your seat watching a much anticipated movie just so you could hear shrieking the entire time. Well, I mean, shrieking in inappropriate places by young terrified kiddies...I was hoping to do a little shrieking myself but was so preoccupied with the kiddie shrieks I never got scared enough.
I did think Jacob looked good with his shirt off though. Oh, and the kissing scene in the bedroom was pretty good too....but I think the kissing scene-slash- punch was great even better. Oh, and the tent scene....totally nailed it....

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be whining....

Now, please don't lecture me and say parent's with kids have a right to go to the movies even if they can't get/can't find/can't afford a babysitter.

My husband and I didn't see a movie for MONTHS because of those same reasons. In fact, we didn't watch certain TV shows at home either. There are just some things you give up for awhile when your children are really little.

I keep getting side tracked...sorry...

When I was a kid, it didn't matter WHO took you. Not even PARENTS could take you to movies that were not appropriate. If they DID manage to sneak you in somehow, they either had the courtesy to leave when the kid freaked or they got booted out.

They have ratings for a R.E.A.S.O.N.

Which brings me to Breaking Dawn. I hear it is going to be rated 'R' (ya think?) I mean how in the WORLD are they going to pull THAT one off? BTW, I hope Edward gets to REALLY smile in that one...after all he is gonna be one 'lucky' guy...wink, wink.

I sure hope they don't bring little kids to Breaking Dawn.
Can y0u imagine the sex scenes? (well, I mean humans don't normally DESTROY houses while having sex...or do they... am I missing out?)

How about the birthing scene. I can just hear it now. "Ewww! Mommy, I don't WANNA have a baby when I grow up!" or "Mommy, did I eat my way out of your tummy too!?"

Good grief.


Louisiana Momma said...

If that happens again - go complain when u leave (or better yet when it's going on so the offender can be removed) - a lot of times u can get your money back or tickets to another movie..we don't go to movies unless it's a kid movie (where it's expected to have a bunch of talking children) or on the rare date night.. I say if u can't get a babysitter - have common courtesy and wait for the DVD .

Amy said...

I'm so glad that someone else feels the same way! We didn't go to the movies for what seemed like years because of the kids. Some of the movies people take their little kids to see is wild. Sometimes it's not even little kids. Rusty and I went to see this one movie and some college boys sat behind us saying, "What the hell?" the whole time. I thought I was going to go crazy!

Jenny S said...

LOL!! I cannot imagine!

Chatelaine said...

This is why I never go to the movies. Packed movie theatres, sticky floors, people kicking your seat, and the kids that shouldn't be in the movies in the first place.

I love my Netflix!

Ruhammie said...

WOW! As a mother of a three year old who has already seen the first two movies (and really likes the wolves in New Moon), I still would not have taken him just out of courtesy to others. I'm sorry your movie experience was poor. I went with my mom to see it yesterday, just the two of us. There was only about 15 other people. I was surprised that it wasn't sold out. It was goooo-oood! Go Team Edward! :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't go to the movies in Kuwait because they are censored. I dont' know how anyone pays to see certain movies when you know all the kissing or romantic scenes are gonna be cut. Seriously! Even animated movies aren't allowed to have a kissing scene. Ridiculous! Sometimes I think many folks these days have lost all sense of reason. Why take small children to such movies? I don't get it. Love your gifts from Amy -- that apron is the cutest. Looks like you had a great visit with family. We are off to North Carolina tomorrow. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

Lindsay-ann said...

I hope this didn't totally spoil the movie for you and your sister. I don't know how those Moms can actually enjoy the film themselves with their kids whining! It comes out over here on Friday. Yippeee

Melinda Cornish said...

some people are just stupid, that is why.....I wish I had a better answer....
go team Jacob........

Tulsi said...

First off: I'd never bring a young child to that. And if any of my children had a cow during any movie, we wouldn't be staying. That is just poor manners.098

jillytacy said...

Seriously you just make me laugh!! Nature Girl keeps asking me what I'm laughing at over here. Like you I think that parents should think long and hard about what they bring their children to see. They should check out Twilight for the under 13 crowd not a good idea. Like you I loved the books and have gone to see each of the movies with my sister on opening night. Of course we spring for babysitters and leave our kids at home. By the way I'm for Team Edward and my sister is for Team Jacob.

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