Thursday, July 9, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I've been doing lots of stuff....stuff I'd love to share with you.
Share with you by posting pictures...
I've been taking LOTS of photos so I can show you the stuff I've been doing and seeing...

But I can't show you, so I'm not posting.
I can't show you because my sweet son jacked up my USB cable to the camera.
It was an honest mistake. I mean ALL these little cables look alike, right?

So he gently inserted (I DID NOT CRAM IT!) my camera cable into his Nintendo DS.
When he realized it wasn't fitting right, he pulled it out.
And all the little wires came out the end. But he didn't tell us because he 'fixed it.'


So once I get a new cable, I'll be able to post some neat stuff.


Unless in my haste to put the cable into my CAMERA I messed the camera port up.


So now I'm procrastinating because if I go to the store and buy the USB cable for the camera and it doesn't work I will be SO TICKED OFF.

*sigh* I need a cheater margariter and its only 10 am.


funky bag freak said...

I sympathize, make me one too. Cheers! ;P

Grand Pooba said...

Stopping in from Apron Goddesses! That Toy Drop idea is just darling! You truly are a Goddess!

Zoƫ said...

All will be well soon, not to worry I am SURE it is only the cable (fingers crossed;)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Oh no I understand totally!!! Could happen to anyone :)We get a new cable with everything.. hard to keep them straight when your an adult let along a teen aged boy :) Give him a huge and I'll keep my fingers crossed its just the cable. Oh if its the plug you can always purchase and extenal coverter drive for your camera.. it has all the needed items to down load your photos.. that is what I use intead of my camer plug in. That way I will not wear out that little door on the side of my camera ;)

Chatelaine said...

How frustrating. We'll just have to wait for photos.

Have a great weekend.

Melinda Cornish said...

been there done that....wishing you luck with the new usb!!!!!

Solidia said...

I've some technical difficulties courtesy of my girlies as well, so you are not alone. :) I agree with Aunt P, you can get an external drive for your camera. That is what I use. I love it! It makes it easy to download from different types of memory cards and I paid @ $15.00 for mine at Walmart.

Rhonda said...

LOL.....your story is so funny....I am picturing how it all happened...including the "fixing" of the cable........Good one!

Jenny S said...

I jokingly sent my dad the link for the slushie maker you showed and said "Wow! I need one of these!" Guess what I got???? It is the best thing ever! We have used it so much more than our blender! It even went to the beach with us this past week and was a HUGE hit!!

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