Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July's Toy Society drop and Mama Mia!

Yesterday we ran out and dropped off this cutie of a hootie!

We dropped him at the Ochsner pediatric clinic in Slidell. The clinic is in full 'shot' mode due to new requirements in the state of Louisiana. The kids suggested we drop him there in hopes that someone coming out from getting a shot might take him home!

The waiting room was busy so we left him outside in front of the entryway....tied up to a column.

I hope someone takes him home soon!

When we got home, look what was in the mailbox for me! My MAMA MIA apron from Micki! I adore this 70's fabric with the peace signs! She also included some lollis and napkins and a handmade recipe booklet.

Thanks Micki! I can't wait to use it!


Betty aka Fudgie said...

It's in the mail! Monday morn...but the morn stuff means nada here in slow mule land! The apron I mean...LOL

Real Margarita is right. Only place where I have found a very good one is..."Applebees" of course it's about $9.00 there. We live in a rural area with one Mexican restaurant and I have been seriously thinking of how to smuggle my "own" when we eat there.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a wonderful fun toy :) You are so good about getting your one toy a month done.. I will just have to try harder to make them and get them out on time. I think I have slacked off as I am always making dolls... my boy toy didn't turn out so hot.. at least I don't think it did. I just need to devote more time!!
Ps love your new apron and the recipe booklet is the bomb!!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a great idea to give a child a sweet hootie after their shots. Such a great way to end a not so fun experience. What a are the new shot requirements in Louisiana??

LOVE that apron! You really scored, Sweets! Lori

Rhonda said...

Cute little hootie!!!!!!!
Your apron & other gooding look great.

Sherry said...

Very cute apron and I love the little toy you made! You are so sweet! I hope those shots didn't hurt those little ones to bad!!


Flores Hayes said...
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