Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hands free baby bath towel!

I took these photos last year and totally forgot to post them! I only thought about it again because someone in our family is going to be needing one...soon!

I've been making these for YEARS  because they are the perfect way to get infants out of the tub and into your arms quickly without you getting soaked in the process. You just simply slip on the towel and lay the excess on the counter in front of the plastic baby tub.  When bath time is done, your 'towel' is already in place and you can settle your baby straight into your arms quickly.

The sweetest thing about these towels is how attached kids get to them.
Our kids used theirs until they were about 7 years old and then I turned them into dog towels....that did NOT go over well!


1 large white bath sheet.  (I was surprised at how popular these are with men....just be sure to use an extra large towel!)
1 large grommet* or matching square of grosgrain ribbon
1 large button
1 piece of matching scrap ribbon
2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon to embellish the edges. (Measure your towel before purchasing...or take it with you to the ribbon section.  I usually use a ribbon to match the bathroom decor or the baby's room.)

Take your bath sheet and sew the grosgrain ribbon along one short end (or both ends), tucking raw edges of the ribbon under at each edge:

You can embellish it more heavily with several types of ribbon or fabric if you'd like. Sometimes I embellish the little rows that are already in the towel. They are usually 1 inch wide. This particular towel didn't have one so I just put the ribbon on the very edge.

On the opposite short end do this:

In one corner, sew a large colorful button
In the other corner, attach a grommet and run a bit of ribbon through it to create a loop to catch the button with.


If you don't have a grommet, just anchor the loop of thin ribbon under a square of the same ribbon you use for embellishing.  Then zig zag stitch around the edges to be sure it will stay put.   It works just as well.  This is what it looks like:

The beauty of this gift is that it doesn't matter WHAT you have on hand when making these.   As long as you have towels, scraps of ribbon or fabric and a button, you can whip one up in about 10 minutes.  


Jennifer said...

We still use the one you gave us over 6 yrs ago at my shower for H.

IdaDown said...

Awesome idea. I wish that I had thought of it when my kids were little :) I just kind of draped the towel over myself...never thought to add a button etc.

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