Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sewus Interupptus.....

Last week, after announcing the newest addition to our family, we found out little Suki was sick.
She had a respiratory infection and was going down hill FAST.

I took her in and got her some meds......she also had a major ear mite infestation! YUCK!
I also found out that she had indeed delivered 1 litter and was about a year and a half old.

Anyhoo, she has rebounded nicely and never once acted unladylike while taking her medicine.

See? She looks MUCH better.

She FEELS much better too. You can tell because she is playful again....

In fact, she was SO playful, that we couldn't get much work done!

Curly Girl and her friend were getting ready to make some cozies for our little summer project.

Suki would NOT stop playing in the batting!

She would ZOOM in and pounce on it and spin in the air and pounce again and then dash off.

then she would dash behind some blankets I need to block...ssshhh, we can't see her, right?

Then she would come out and start all over again! She loved the peaks and valleys of the batting.

Finally when she was done playing, we got back to work and finished 2 more cozies to donate.

And here they are! The girls did such a good job!


mysteryhistorymom said...

I'm so glad that Suki is alright! Poor Kitty! The girls did an amazing job! How wonderful!:) Lori

mandapanda said...

I can't remember the number of cats and kittens that have come through our doors with ear mites. It's not as gross as ringworms let me tell you that!! I had over 100 rings on my body, and the only thing that got rid of them was apple cider vinegar rubbed on every 2 hours for a week. the poor kittens who had them (one was/is my darling Leila) lost most of their hair and had to have 2 baths a day in some dreadful smelling chemical.
Thankfully that's behind us now! We've had some cats who've come to the charity that were so badly beaten or sick or mangled, all we could do was take them straight to the vet to have them put to sleep. Thankyou so much for giving Suki a wonderful new chance at life. She looks so happy!!! It really gives me such joy to see such a darling kitty in a beautiful new home!

Kellie said...

Suki is such a beautiful girl!! So glad to hear she's doing OK now!

funky bag freak said...

Whew I'm glad that's over, it was so exhausting keeping up with Suki and the girls. ;P

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