Monday, March 17, 2008

My kids are GREEN.......for St. Patrick's Day......

Last week both our kids were sick but went to school anyway because it was LEAP week and you simply can't miss during state testing. I think they just 'held it at bay' until they could relax.

This week it will be a fun and short school on Good Friday. Yet both kids are sick.....both are green....which is good for St. Patrick's day but not good for field trip day.
At least they won't get pinched.

Our daughter seems to get sick or hurt whenever a field trip rolls around....not EVERY field trip but enough that it really upsets her.
She sounds like a horse this morning and was crying before bed last night and this morning (a sure sign....) I haven't taken her temp yet....going to let her sleep some more....

Our son has a stomach ache.
I learned the hard way NOT to send him to school when his stomach hurts.
Last time I did it, he was in 3rd grade and it was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I thought he had 'last day of school jitters' and sent him anyway. Within an hour, he stood up and ralphed all over his desk and everything else in its path.
The teacher was was grossed out, the kids were grossed out.... and the janitor was really not happy.....where IS the rug cleaner?
I got 'the call' from 'the nurse' and went to get him.
When he saw me, he only said 4 words. "I told you so."

So....I don't send him to school with a stomach ache anymore.

I think today I am going to snuggle up with my kids........

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Pikaboo said...

I hope your kids are feeling better soon! The same thing happened to me in 2nd grade. I wasn't feeling good but my parents sent me to school anyways. I was sitting at my desk with my hand over my mouth. When the teacher asked me what was wrong I uncovered my mouth to answer her and threw up all over my desk!(sorry, probably tmi!) My dad had to come get me and wasn't too happy since he had a cast on his leg at the time. I was smart enough not to say I told you so.

PS. Don't look at my blog unless you want to ruin your fabric surprise!

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