Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saints Parade!

Tuesday, they closed schools half day so everyone could go to the parade to celebrate the Saints Superbowl win.

Dean's office is on St. Charles (in the Emeril building) so we didn't have to go find a place to sit for the parade but it was sooo cold!
We all thought we were dressed for it, but the wind was really blowing and so everyone was frozen by the end of the night.

Here we are waiting for the fun to begin in front of the building. The guy with the camera is Patrick, he works with Dean. I can't WAIT to see the footage he got from the night!

Here is PART of the escort.
I think police officers from every parish were there. The sound from all the motorcycles was deafening! Take this photo and multiply it by 3 to get how many were really there!

Several times, they stopped in front of us and chatted everyone up.
One cop had a skull mask on but Dean couldn't get up there fast enough to take a picture....pretty neat though.

There were loads of helicopters flying down really low and we had 2 Blue Angels type planes (F18s?) come down RIGHT above the roof line and then they tipped their wings above us.
They were so low that if they didn't pull up, they would have had to go sideways between two buildings.

Dean works in Emeril's building and during the parade, Emeril was right next to us.

This was at the front of the parade.... letting you know the Saints were close behind...

Here are a few photos once it got dark.
Many are blurred because of all the flashes and neon.
Plus the street lights there are set to come on in the dark. So when the camera lights started flashing, the street lights would turn OFF and take a few minutes to come back on.

We didn't get a good photo of Brees, Shockey or Bush. We saw them all but the photos we took were totally wrecked. Bress was on the top of a float and was facing the other way the entire time. He was having fun though, dancing around throwing beads. After seeing everyone else wear a jersey with his name on it, it was weird seeing HIM wearing it.

Many people brought pens so the players could sign their stuff. I can't believe we didn't think to do that.
The kids had on their Shockey t shirts....would have loved to have gotten him to sign them...*sigh*
Curly Girl did get hands slapped by most all the players so that is pretty memorable!

They had Hartley in a SHOE, appropriate! (even though it was a pink stiletto!)

This was the last float...a long train with Coach Payton at the end.... he was getting ready to toss a football signed by all the SAINTS! The crowd was going crazy!

As we were leaving, we could see how crowded it was down Canal and I am SO GLAD we weren't down there!


傢伙 said...

生命的意義,是在於活的充實;而不是在於活得長久。 ..................................................

mysteryhistorymom said...

HOW FUN!!!! My goodness!!! You guys know how to celebrate down there, Sweets!:) Lori

gin said...

that's terrific ya'll got to be at the parade. wish I was there!! that Hartley guy was awesome too, with all his perfect kicks. this will definitely live on forever.

Solidia said...

Thanks for sharing Val!

Solidia said...

I wish I could have been there to join in the fun!!

Jody said...

How fun !!

Becky said...

What fun!! Glad y'all were able to attend and "with" Emeril no less!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Good thing ya'll had a place to sit. I am sure it was crazy! I went to Mardi Gras once and that was more than enough for me. I don't do crowds and crazy very well. I used to work at a law firm on Carondelet St off of Poydras. Loved being down there and eating at all the fabulous restaurants for lunch or staying in town for dinner. Sometimes, friends and I would would choose one restaurant for appetizers; another restaurant for soup and/or salad; another for our entree and then head off to a 4th restaurant for dessert. So much fun! By the way, loved your curtain revamp -- looks great! Have a fabulous Friday! :) Tammy

Rhonda said...

Congratulations to the Saints and the fans....I'm one of those. Loved seeing some of the festivities. Thanks for sharing.

Louisiana Momma said...

too cool!!! My mom was there on like the second floor of a parking garage with a bird's eye view..

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