Tuesday, February 9, 2010

its about time!

We move so often, I am constantly making new curtains.

This time I was simply not interested...so I took some green ones we used in our living room in the last house and put them up in the bedroom.

After a year of seeing them....WAY too short and thin, Dean 'urged' me to either make some or buy a new bed set that included some!

After searching for ANOTHER year, I came to the conclusion that I would revamp the green ones. I just could not bring myself to spend the amount of money I've seen on new bedding and curtains!

So......I begin searching for fabric...which took about 6 months.

I found some on sale and used it to lengthen the curtains and to make the valances. I didn't actually like the valances at first so I ran out and bought some tassel fringe and added it to them.

Now I love them!

here is the side view so you can see how it ties into the bedding.

So after almost 3 years, the master bedroom is COMPLETE ( except for the crown moulding we want to add...)

On another note...I ADORE this medieval tapestry fabric but cannot find it ANYWHERE...not even online.
I only had a remnant...but would love more....if any of my sewing friends know where to find it, PLEASE let me know!


Jennifer said...

the curtains look good! You are always good at stuff like that :)

Christine said...

What a great idea, they are beautiful!!! I was just looking at ours the other day, we've had them since our 1st son (who is now almost 8) was born, made by my mother-in-law. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm GONNA have to put a new twist on those old curtains:)

Judi said...

Gosh that was a great idea for adding length to the bottom! I think they look great. Judi

gin said...

nice job. it looks great.

Abigail said...

I adore the pillows.

Claireabelle said...

Wow!!! I am totally in awe of anyone that can sew! Fabulous job

Becky said...

I like what you did!

Re-vamped bedroom curtains are on my UFO list and I planned to do something similar to what you did. It will help de-stash too!

Thanks for reminding me to put it on my list!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Love the curtain! Want to come here and finish mine Ü....On the bright side I atleast have a few years to procrastinate.Lol

Kellie said...

It all looks great, Val!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I like how you lengthened the curtains. Great idea!

jillytacy said...

The curtains look great! I need you to decorate my house! The tapestry is great. I don't know where to find it but will keep my eye out for it.

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