Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 year challenge

I visited Rhonda's blog the other day.

Her post was all about the 5th year challenge. It is where you go to your photos and take the 5th year, 5th folder and 5th photo and tell about it.

here is ours:

Curly Girl was in 1st grade!

This was an art show for Keller schools in Texas, where we used to live.

She is so proud because her little piece of pottery was chosen by the teacher to be exhibited in the show.

in the SAME folder, here is a photo of Ripstick Boy in 3rd grade!

This was the MOST fun! The two of us went on an overnight zoo field trip. We got ZERO sleep but had a blast visiting all the nocturnal animals.

Keller has the BEST school system ever....boy do we miss it...such fabulous memories.


Chatelaine said...

The kids are so cute! That zoo trip sounds like fun.

laterg8r said...

such fun pics :D

Melinda Cornish said...

how they grow!

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