Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's...and a birthday!

Dean revamped the computer this week so I've not been able to load is amazing how much has gone on already!

Sunday, we had a great day together celebrating Valentine's Day. We started the day out with heart shaped waffles...and little crocheted heart pins.

I don't know WHY the guys wouldn't wear the little crocheted heart pins though...hmmm.

Later, Curly Girl and I went to get Mojo a birthday gift for his 9th birthday! You'd never know how old he is because he still
acts like a puppy.

We went to several stores to get him a new collar. I don't know about you, but my he-man dog does NOT wear foo-foo collars. And NO BLING. He's a MAN DOG! LOL!

A nice tartan plaid would be perfect..afterall, he IS a Corgi. We've got 3 more pet stores in we'll be checking them out today.

Here he is with his new toy....we had to get Ginger one too because she steals!

Later in the day, Suki got in some cuddle time...she is really starting to become a snuggle bunny.
She likes getting in your lap, which is hard to do in our family because we never sit still for long!

To wind up the day, I made Patricia Steak for dinner. It's my dad's recipe and FABULOSO! The kids fight over it......LOL!

How do you like the BLUE plate!

Ha...reminds me of the blue plate special in diners! I guess next year I need to plan ahead and get out the good stuff......


gin said...

what fun filled days!!! a house full of party animals to say the least.

smalltownmom said...

How do you make the Patricia steak? it looks good!

Becky said...

Yeah, I'm with smalltownmom - give up the recipe - purty please?

Sounds like a great week. I love that we're not the only one who celebrates pet birthdays! ;-)

Now if I could just everyone to recognize 1/2 birthday celebrations - woooo!

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