Monday, September 14, 2009

Glamourously Ghoulish.....

I participated in Tangee's Glamourously Ghoulish Halloween Swap.

I was so happy because Lori was my partner!
Lori and I were partners last year in a children's book swap and have become good friends!
I've been wanting to be her partner again.....

Here is what I put together for her.......

Its hard to see everything so just click on the picture to enlarge it if you want to.

I sent one of the little Halloween plaques I made...the original post about it was here.
I also made a set some paper cones so she can put some type of goodie in them.
I made her a set of vintage cupcake toppers but forgot to take a close up of them. They are SO CUTE and I know she will use them for the girls.
I included some favorite family recipes, scrap booking stuff, a crow (I know she loves them) and a cute witchy a little thrifted book I found that I think she will like.
As for the cute pumpkin tassel, I was so excited when I found it!
Lori loves tassels so I think she will squeal when she sees it. The store only had 1 or I would have gotten one for me too!

Since she decorates with pumpkins, one of the favorite things I made her was a set of place setting pumpkins.
I loved the way they turned out!

here is the top..the colors are gorgeous, sorry... my photography skills suck.

I made one for each member of the family...can't you just see these at their place setting for Halloween and Thanksgiving?

I struggled with making her an apron. I wanted to make her one but since this was a 'decoration' swap, I decided not to.

Then as I was packing her box up, I thought........WHY THE HECK NOT!

Who cares that this was a decorating swap? Right?
Can't you wear an apron WHILE DECORATING? YES YOU CAN!

(besides, I was DYIN' to make her one....)

It turned out so cute!
I used a fabric that wasn't 'too' has cute pumpkins on it and the colors are wonderful.
You can't tell in the photo, but the orange fabric has a wheat pattern on it which looks great with the other fabric.
I love the big bow! And the rick rack!
Oh MY, I used the REAL stuff......the real COTTON rick rack, not the crappy poly blend they sell nowadays. I got it in a swap and have been saving it for a special apron. I had just enough to do the bottom of this one. (I know, enough about rick-rack...)

For Lori's sweet tooth, I added a teeny little jar of candy corn to snack on.......and these cuties for her 2 little 'ghouls.'
Of course, they looked MUCH cuter (and creepier) when they were totally inflated...but you get the idea!

The little bugs in each one are actually water bug squirts....too fun!


gin said...

it all is so glamourously ghoulish. she is going to squeal for sure. i love that orangey bow fabric on the apron.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh, I DID squeal, Val! I LOVED everything and I am super, super close to having your goodies done. Hope you squeal, too!:) Lori

jenni.simplebeans said...

place card pumpkins are so perfect. going in my to do file!

Jacky said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I like the name pumpkins.

Thanks for stopping by The Sweetest Petunia!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fun stuff and great ideas!

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