Monday, August 24, 2009

adjustments made......

With school starting back up on August 7th, the last few weeks have been hard on our family routine and we've had to make a few adjustments........

Thank goodness, our adjustments haven't been quite THAT BIG! In comparison, ours have been pretty minor!

First off, with me back at work, Suki is being bullied by all 3 of our pets. (I know, I can't believe it either!!!)

Leo being a smart kitty quickly realized she is afraid of the dogs so he uses them to box her in whenever possible. The dogs, sensing her fear, will growl at her which causes her to stress out even MORE. Overall, she is regressing and is becoming very skittish again.

I still think she could whip Leo's butt, (neither cat is declawed, ya could get ugly.)
I really don't want it to come to bloodshed:

So, I've decided to put her BACK in Ripstick Boy's room during the day so that she is 'safe' while we are all away. She was in his room the first few days after we adopted her in July and I think she will be happy to have her own space again. He is THRILLED with having her back in his room.
Then, as soon as he gets home, he can let her out and love on her. Cross your fingers, okay?

On the school front, Curly Girl is in 6th grade this year and is feeling overwhelmed by changing classes because it makes her feel rushed. She only changes 3 times during the day but has several 'pull-outs' which adds to the faster pace:
She earned a spot in chorus this year and is pulled out of math twice a week for that and once a week for gifted art. This is on top of the regular 'pull-outs' of library, PE, music and fast forward! (Thank goodness math is her favorite subject or we'd be in REAL trouble!)

On several occasions she has worked herself up and feels so over whelmed that all she can do is sit on my lap and cry. (and let me tell you, my lap is NOT getting any bigger...but she is!)
She craves routine. I know it will get better once she gets her 'groove' going but it is hard to watch her struggle right now.

I was going to suggest she drop out of chorus but she worked so hard to earn a spot that it would break her heart. Plus, I know NEXT year will be worse with 7 teachers and am secretly hoping this struggle will help prepare her for it.

Here is the hard part for me.
Curly Girl has decided to drop her (after school) art class. It is one day a week but she has homework each night so Saturday is the day she goes.
Of course, Saturday is the only day her friends can play so she feels she has to choose between art and friends.
After watching our son burn out right before he earned his 2nd black belt in TaeKwonDo, I felt it best to let her drop out. It was really really HARD for me to say 'okay' and sound like I meant it. She would feel guilty if she thought I didn't want her to drop out so I mustered up my best cheerleading voice and squeaked out my approval. I console myself with the thought that she is still in gifted art in school and she can always take extra art in the summer.....right?

So adjustments have been made and I'm sure MORE will be made as we get back into a comfortable routine. Hopefully we won't feel like this much longer:


Tracey said...

Where are you working now? Do you like it?

Rhonda said...

Bless your heart. Well, coming from the teacher seeing kid stressed out side...I'd suggest that your daughter-for her own peace of mind- make a little schedule to keep with her at all time to help her hustle thru her day. This should have what, where and when she'll need to be....I know she has a regular schedule from school but if she does one for herself with personal items, it's like a comfort thing. It really helps. As for the "art", dropping the class shouldn't hurt her art skills as she should have classes which will require drawing, at least. I did suggest that some of my more advanced art students buy an art "nothing book" to draw in, just to keep them in the loop.
Boy, I said a mouth full. Hope some of it helped. Take care.

Michelle said...

OHhhh I feel for you! Leelee started switching class last year in fourth grade. She had three teachers, pull out for art, music, etc. And she goes to the gifted school so all the work was that much harder. We had several days where she was just in tears. You are making the good choice by letting her drop some activities.

annemarie said...

I am sure curly girl will be just fine - she is so very talented. It is not worth being stressed out like that - these precious years pass by all too fast the way it is. I missed your going back to work - that in itself is such an adjustment. How long have you been working??

Jenny said...

I knew I was missing one of my white bra's...where did you find it??? hehehe!(thought you needed a laugh)

Unknown said...

Poor curly girl... give her a huge hug from me. I hope it makes her feel better. ;) Your are right that should help her get use to all the changes that next year has in store for her. Poor poor baby!! And the kitty... hope it does better too :)

Turtles In Northern Florida said...

I hate adjustments too. i cry when they change the fall line up on tv! (hugs all around).

BTW I almost choked on my candy at that first pic of yours.rotflol

Liz said...

August 7th!!!!!! We don't go back until September 8th.

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