Monday, January 26, 2015

OH! Happy Day!

Saturday, I popped up like a daisy and was out of bed at 3:57.  I woke the family and we were on the road at 4:30.  THIS is how we all felt:

So where were we off to?
What could pull us from our warm beds without an alarm?
What could possibly cause us to take a 1,050 round trip in one day for? 


Our newest fur baby!  She is precious and a welcome addition to our family.  With all the sadness of the last few years, we needed new life in our household.   We decided on another corgi (she is our third) due to several reasons.  If you know the breed, I have no need to explain.

She traveled like a champ.  Not a bit of motion sickness which is amazing since we had such a long drive.  

She likes this little "hut" my sister gave me for the cats (who snubbed their noses at it.)
Don't worry, that isn't a "worry" face, that is an "I'm exhausted " face.   7.5 hours in a car is tough for ANY baby.

Dean was exhausted, he did all the driving.  God bless this man.  


She likes the patio and begs to go out there over and over.

She got tuckered out and took a 3 minute snooze before setting off again!

We haven't named her yet but have several we are mulling over.  We are waiting to get to know her a little more first.  We want her name to "fit."

Stay tuned for LOTS of annoying puppy posts and videos!!!  Until then, I leave you with this....

Have a terrific week!


Kerry said...

Oh my goodness ..... she is beyond cute :-) I want to just scoop her up and cuddle her :-)

Kate said...

Oh, Val, she's adorable! So worth the early morning journey. Corgi's are wonderful dogs. Good luck finding the perfect name for her.

Tammy said...

I love her already and can't wait to meet her. Hugs and sloppy kisses, Tammy

jillytacy said...

I love her and can't wait for her name and a million new puppy posts!!!! I'm so happy you got her!

gilly said...

Ooooh, just the post I've been waiting for! She is just sooo adorable. Glad the trip there & back was uneventful and that she travelled well. Lots more pics please, and do give her a special little cuddle from me too :-)

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