Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January's Craft a long

For this month's craft along, we were to make a lap sized blanket.  Rules were simple.  Keep it small enough to make in January and use this winter.

I got a charm pack and made this one....Matt insisted it have "fluff" inside...

It is very small as I used only the 42 squares that came in the pack.

I was happy.  I hate quilting.  And this wasn't even "real" quilting, just sewing squares into rows and sewing rows together....and tying some yarn to hold stuff in place.
Yuck.  Just not my thing.   Too precise.  Precision....ain't my bag baby.  Good thing I'm not a surgeon.

I swore off ever doing this again...UNTIL....

As I was searching for something in my stash the other day,I found another charm pack someone had sent me (thank you Jill!)

I still had all my sewing "mojo" so decided to seize the day and do another one.   I knew I would hate doing it but loved the colors in this pack and hated to not do SOMETHING with it.

This pack only had 20 squares so I cut some more of another fabric she sent me, along with some from other fabrics. Lucky for me, I had something to back it with.  But this time, NO fluffy stuff.

This one is ME sized...and I have to admit, I like it better without the fluffy stuff inside it.  

The first one will probably end up as a gift (make it monthly, yes?) but I haven't decided just yet...the second one is MINE.  


Kerry said...

You did a fabulous job :-) That quilting .... adding fluffy stuff .... securing fluffy stuff .... is THE absolute worst part for me too :-)
Rushing to get my creation finished before January is up :-)

gilly said...

I love the term "fluffy stuff", it sounds so much cosier than wadding or batting!
Well done you, I think it looks lovely.
Hugs xx

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Both are lovely :-) I'd love to learn to quilt one day. I had read somewhere about sewing the top to a large piece of fleece instead of doing the fluffy stuff.

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