Saturday, January 31, 2015


I joined my first crochet a long in 7 years.  

Kerry is hosting a Granny Square A Day and I thought it might be fun.  

Unlike Kerry, I am not doing one thing project though.  I am going to use my squares on a variety of projects (blankets for nephews and such....)

My first month's work.....a coffee cozy, a whopping 4 squares:

hahaha....not really!    

I am actually on target with my squares and happily using up yarn in my stash.   Once I get done with that, I'll buy some more!  Yay yarn!!

 I've wanted to make my nephews some blankets for the last few years but never did it.  This will ensure two little boys a warm blanket of their own made by their FAVORITE AUNT!   


Kerry said...

You go girl ..... I love the colors of the blanket squares ...... How could you not be their favorite Aunt :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Are you their only aunt? Ha! :) Just kidding!

Nice squares! I'm sure the boys will be very happy to get a blanket. Cute cozy, too. I need to make more of those.


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