Saturday, January 10, 2015

crocheted infinity scarf

Matt's girlfriend requested a scarf for Christmas.  She goes to Old Miss so she wanted it to be warm and fluffy and super soft...and NAVY.  I knew just the yarn but knew it wouldn't show a stitch decided to use the easiest stitch I teach at school.  CHAIN STITCH.  Seriously, whodathunk you could make something so lovely out of a simple chain stitch and slip stitch.  Love it!

The result?  Perfect.  The open weave gives it dimension and makes it pretty, while the yarn is plush and warm.   Even the dark color turned out pretty.

Kaela and Dean's sister both chose a sapphire blue....

I decided I had to have one too....but of course, chose green!

A much smaller one for a wee somebody's birthday...I actually made TWO out of 1 skein of yarn.  Perfect for 7 year olds.  

Since the scarf works up so quickly and is so soft, I thought I'd share what I did.  It makes for an inexpensive, quick gift.  I don't know the name for the stitch but it is just a row of chain stitches held together with the occasional slip stitch.  I made a blanket out of this back in the 80's called "Irish Rose"  and have loved making things this way ever since.   I've always called it a lattice "pattern." When laid out, you can see a diamond shape.
The other thing I love about this pattern is that you don't see mistakes unless you go digging for them. If you slip stitch into the wrong hole, it won't matter.  Truth be told, when I use fuzzy yarn, I don't even count... the horrors!  I just estimate and move along.

Lattice Pattern scarf.  *Note This is for a wider scarf.  You can adjust the scarf by reducing or increasing the chains by 5 either way.   

2 skeins "Cameo Bulky" yarn by Yarn Bee. You won't use all of the second skein.  I typically have about 1/4 of a skein leftover.

"N" hook 
Blunt tapestry needle with large eye 

To work one that will wrap once:  

Begin:  LOOSELY Chain 30 using "N" hook

Base row:  Turn and slip stitch into the 5th chain from the hook.  *Chain 5 and slip stitch into the next 5th chain. *Repeat this process to the end of the row.  You should end with a slip stitch. 

Chain 5 and turn. 

This photo shows what it will look like...just some open loops.

Row 1:  Slip stitch into the center of the first opening. *Chain 5 and slip stitch into the center of the next opening.  *Repeat the process until the end of the scarf.  

This photo shows the beginning of the diamond shapes taking shape:

Row 2-End:  Repeat Row 1 until the scarf is the length you want it.   (I stood up every now and then and wrapped it around to see how long I wanted it to be.  Turns out mine was about 6 feet long.)  Then cut a long sewing length and tie off by pulling the end of the yarn through the last slip stitch to lock it down. 

This photo shows a partial swatch so you can see how it takes shape:

To finish:  Using a blunt needle and the length of yarn that was still attached to the scarf, sew a running stitch through the two ends and bury the end into the work.

This only takes a couple hours to work up and is PERFECT for someone brand new to crochet but itching to "make something!"

On another note....look at  what is on my needles!  My first "circular needle" knitting project:

 Circular needles are a bit cumbersome for me still. Yuck.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That's the same pattern my cousin taught me years ago. I usually just make skinny scarves with it. Chain about 15 or 20, depending on how wide I want it, and then chain five and ss to the center of the chain 5s throughout. she said she didn't know what kind of stitch it was so I started calling it the trellis stitch. :) Yours turned out really big. I've never tried it with that kind of yarn before. They all turned out great. :)

jillytacy said...

The scarves are beautiful! It looks like you've been busy crocheting.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the beautiful blue..I have bright blue eyes and wear this color a lot! Enjoy your crocheting! Hugs!

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