Saturday, January 17, 2015

For the love of yarn...crocheted scarf

Awhile back, I started knitting a shawl with some fabulous yarn called Feza Alp Oriental.

It is a magic ball meaning it has different yarns knotted together.  It is supposed to give a bohemian look and I knew I would love it.  

The lady at my LYS store suggested a shawl so I got the pattern and started knitting it up and was very excited....

Until I got 2/3 of the way done and realized I had knit the first 3 rows instead of doing stockinette stitch.

Undaunted, I went ahead and almost finished it.   And it was beautiful.  But I hated it.    

I hated the way it draped....the different weights of the yarn made it drape differently in different places.  And it wasn't deep enough.  And the tapered edges were just "meh..."  

So, without giving it any thought, I ripped it out.

And I was so HAPPY!

I mean, seriously.  I had been secretly HATING the project the entire time.  The stitches weren't funky enough for me, were so orderly....all those teeny v's made me nuts.  

So, instead, I crocheted a scarf.  I used a "P" hook and a simple HDC stitch.  The scarf turned out scrumptious and crazy, and looks to me just like the yarn was intended to look.  A little unexpected and unruly.  

OH, and the feel is amazing!  Since the scarf is just a big rectangle, the yarn weights don't fight with one another.

And the best part?    It took me a mere 3 hours to make and that was because I pulled one integrated fuzzy strand of yarn out and replaced it with something else in my stash.  (Sorry, eye lash yarn need not apply....)

Beautiful Chaos....


jillytacy said...

It turned out great! I love it and think it looks better as a scarf.

Kerry said...

What .... NO !!!
Oh OK ..... yip, you did the right thing, that scarf is gorgeous :-p

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