Friday, November 23, 2012

crochet cocoon...

The last couple of weeks I worked on goodies for a baby gift for a teacher I work with.  She doesn't read my blog so I know she won't see this post.   
I crocheted a baby bear cocoon.    I've seen photos with these and they are so is a link to a page of them.

I put it on one of Kaela's dolls....hahaha!  kinda creepy on the doll but you get the idea.

I also made a teeny newborn beanie, a really large blanket and a hands free bathing towel.

The towel is by far the most "unglamorous" gift...but my favorite to make.  I've been making them for 18 years and they are always appreciated. 
I was tempted to make a terrycloth bathing apron instead but my kids talked me out of it.  They reminded me how special their bath towels were to them and said that aprons are for moms...towels are for kids.   Didn't take much to convince me, they are so much easier to make than an apron!   
Here is a link to my "tutorial" if you'd like to make one for someone you know. 

Today we were going to see my family but a virus has moved in amongst us and we can't take a chance of infecting instead, we are going to hang out on the couch and watch is hoping you all have a great "after Thanksgiving" weekend.


Kerry said...

I love it ....... I wish I knew some soon to be mama's.
Hope you all feel better soon .... Ughh those virusy things are the worst :-)

A Little Creation said...

The baby towels are the best. I had one for Miss L and she uesd it until it fell apart.
Chris =]

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Love the cocoon!

The hands free towel is AH-Mazing!

My boss is a "surprise" (more like SHOCKED and disbelieving!) first time mom in her "ahem" mid-forties - - she is having a hard time embracing the process - - but I love having someone to give handmade baby gifts to!

Personalised Baby Gifts Provider said...

The beanies are so cute! Hope you all have recovered completeley, and kudos to you for still being productive despite the illness that got you. :)

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