Sunday, November 4, 2012

crocheted cowls and owls!

This weekend I was sick with some sort of virus again.  Twice in 2 weeks.....that is some sort of record for me.    That being said, being sick is the one time I can be lazy without feeling guilty.

Soooooo, I did a lot of sleeping...and a lot of crafting....

I started on some ornaments....they just need bows and jingle bells and other bits to finish them up. 
(I got the idea here)


Matt and I swapped phones (well, sort of....he got my upgrade for Christmas...I got his old phone.)   I made a new cell phone case to go with it because my old case was getting pretty worn out.  Plus, the kids at school love to see the fun cellphone covers I come up with.  They'll get a kick out of this little owl.

The favorite thing I made is this ruffled cowl.  I made it with a skein of gorgeous yarn Jill gave me last year.  In an unrelated twist, I had recently purchased some handmade buttons and as luck would have it, they matched perfectly so I used them together.

I have the ruffle flipped up in the photo but I can wear it in a variety of ways.   Last night I wore it scrunched down a bit.   It is so warm and soft that I kept it on all night. 

 Here is hoping everyone has a great week....don't forget to VOTE!


manda said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I've had the flue twice in as many months and it was not nice at all. I did a tutorial on those mini wreaths last year, but mine are a bit different. You can find the tute here -

I plan on making more this year. I bought some more mushrooms and trees and tiny deer to embellish them.

dkuroiwa said...

oh....i'm so sorry that you aren't feeling good....i do so hope that you are better today!!
and thank you....i have started working on plans for my annual Christmas party and tossing about ideas as to what to make for my students (i've done angels...cookies...clothespin magnets...) and those little ornaments look adorable. i will go and check out the link you gave...and the one that Manda thinks these may be what i can do!! whoohoooo!!! long would it take to make 100 of them??? (^0^)

take care, my sweet!!!

Jenny Sellars said...

Almost done with my ornaments! I am excited this year!

jillytacy said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I love the cowl. The yarn was pretty and it made a beautiful cowl. The owl cell cover is very cute too. I'm still working on my ornaments. I have 4 done but now I'm thinking maybe I should have made something else.

Cameron said...

That cowl is gorgeous!
I'm so sorry you're sick, though :(

I got your package today! Thank you very much. I think they might've gotten mixed up...I got the finger instead of the hair tie....but, no worries, It is really fun! My daughter will love it when I show it to her after school today :)

Hope you feel better soon!

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