Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday....

I;m joining Amy this week for her Five on Friday blog hop.

School starts next week and Kaela will be a SENIOR in high school!  
It seems just last week, she looked like this:

Then "POOF" I looked up and she looked like this!  My baby is all grown up.

In the summer, I tend not to crochet and knit as much.   I turn to working in the yard, reading and catching up on doctor appointments.
Not THIS summer....THIS summer has been taken up by THIS little girl!

That being said, I did make a cute little Yoda hat and rattle set for a friend who has a grand baby in her future.  Her daughter is a Star Wars fan.

I finished this month's CAL squares a couple days early.  Red, white and blue seemed appropriate this month.

 I already posted a photo of this box Kaela did but it was blurry.  The colors are so deep and rich but soft at the same time.  I love the swirls....

I also got a fun  birthday surprise in the mail!  Kerry sent this guy to me.  His wife was sent to me in the spring...

Here they are, reunited!

check the cute notepad she made...even the pen and letters are handmade!

I'm trying to convince her to open an etsy shop.  Her stuff is unique and well made...Thank you Kerry!

It is the tail end of the week so I thought this shot was appropriate!

Have a great Friday!  Don't forget to click here to continue the blog hop!


Kate said...

Wow, they grow up fast, don't they? Good luck to her in her final year of high school! Adorable hat and saber for the baby! Your squares are pretty, too. I have to say your new doll is creepy but cute; glad the two are reunited :-) Hee, hee, tail end!

Amy at love made my home said...

Five really good things - of course! I love the red white and blue squares! Thank you so much as always for joining in. Remember there will be no fiving in August, but back in September! Hope that you have a great weekend and a great August too! xx

Marie C said...

I had a very sad-happy (my grandson is 13!!!) post last week. I know how you feel! It really is hard to realize it when they are no longer little just wish for that time back, somehow, but at the same time, are so proud of who they are now and love how they are growing up!

Beautiful turtle painted on that box! Your post was very nice, showing so many talented things!

Chris said...

I only just joined Five On Friday and it's been so interesting looking at all the different blogs. Yes one day they are little then you turn around and they are grown. Love the crochet squares, very colourful.

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