Saturday, July 4, 2015


I was thinking about today and immediately thought of things I am thankful for.  I know I'm a few months isn't Thanksgiving.  But it should be.  We forget how lucky we are living here in the USA.  

Our country, our leaders, our people....we aren't perfect.   Those who came before us weren't perfect either.  But their efforts built our country...and those who followed kept it strong and safe.  People daily work to keep it strong and safe.
We have a lot to be thankful for.

The right to speak your mind, even if you are an idiot.
The right to pick your own career.
The right to religion.
The right to education.
The right to own property.
The right to choose your own spouse....
and much more.
Simple things really.  But things so many others do not have.....

We need to remember all this when we Pledge our Allegiance to the is really to our country, the flag is just a symbol.
I say it at work.  I put my hand over my heart and mean every word.  I give laser beam eyes to kids who aren't being respectful during the pledge. Then they get a lecture. They laugh and say their parent's don't care about the pledge.  They say I can't make them say the pledge.  Which is true.....and that is something they should be thankful for...because in some other country you might not be able to NOT pledge allegiance to something....sort of short sighted, isn't it?

So today, I am thankful and you should be are probably out cooking hot dogs and playing at the beach.  At the least, you are hanging with friends or loved ones.  Even if you have to work today (retail, I know...been there, done that) then chances are, your shift is shorter and management has a little something in the back because they know it sucks to work when everyone else is out having fun.

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So remember what today really is all about.  And be thankful for it.

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Dogmom Diva said...

Bravo!! Great post..

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