Wednesday, July 22, 2015

little visits....

Tammy from T's Daily Inspirations came for a visit while here in the states.  

We met online years ago and then in person when she stopped through on her way to visit a former co worker.  It was a great visit and we have become good friends.  Funny old world, she grew up here and went to the same school as my kids!  
Now she lives a world away and comes back to visit family.

When she is here we do simple things like take walks early in the hot as it is to me, it is nothing compared to the heat she is used to!  
I love this photos she took of us walking Osa.  We look like giants and Osa looks like a lion!

Osa posing pretty for her new friend...

and WITH her new friend too!

We go to Starbucks a couple times each visit.  It is great to just sit, relax and crochet while we catch up on each other's lives.
This time we made baby hats for a cause she found on Instagram.  Mine is mailed off but she is making a few more on the road.

We typically have dinner a few evenings...or a little snack to go with the wine.  This year, I made lentil soup one night and just put some fun snacks out the next.

We have so much in common, it is a shame she doesn't live closer.  I thoroughly enjoy the times we get together.  


annemarie said...

What fun to meet a fellow blogger. Is there a website with information on making and donating these hats. I would love to do something like that and it would be a great way to use up leftover yarn!

Kate said...

How nice! Bloggy friends are so sweet, and it's so special when you can meet them in person. Looks like you had a wonderful time :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just did a post about you. :) Never blog when I am on the road since I don't travel with a laptop. Next time, I promise I won't drink so much wine. Ha! :) Love ya!

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