Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday!

I am joining Amy again this week for her Five on Friday blog hop!

Our yard is happy happy happy so I thought I'd share what is blooming!

First of all, our rain lilies made an appearance!  They are small but their coloring is so lovely.

They are not native to Louisiana so they don't bloom as much here.   When they do, it is like a little gift.... 

My little herb garden....each year this trough amazes me.   I have herbs all over the yard but this is what I have by the back door...perfect for cutting for dinner.

It contains: oregano, sweet basil, flat leaf parsley, chives, green onion and thyme.  I moved the lavender to the small pot in front of it because the basil was squeezing it out.

Gimli and his angel wing begonia.  I usually plant a giant geranium but they were hard to find this year.  I'd always wanted to try one of these so this was the perfect opportunity.

A gladiola volunteer.  I love these girls.  So frilly and pretty.  So SOUTHERN.  They remind me of these dresses.
They bloom all summer long.  I redid my angel bed for them in the backyard...cannot wait until they poke their heads up out of the ground.

Our agapanthus.  Beautiful as always.  I moved our angel into it last year.  Mrs. Bunbun doesn't mind sharing her garden.

We planted these elephant ears a couple years ago in a space off our front porch.  The space gets a weird mix of sun and shade and nothing seems to like the area.   We tried the elephant ears and they love it!

The "dead zone" is a little space that was nothing but mud when we moved in.  Since there are so many wires and pipes going in to the ground here, I never dug the ground.  The fern is a sun fern that died a couple years ago during an unexpected freeze.  I cut it to the root, threw it on the ground and dumped a bag of soil on top of it.  The vine is another morning glory. 

Our black eyed susan vine is really growing!  Just today I noticed our morning glory has volunteered in the same area so soon, I should be seeing those blooms too.

Be sure to go to Amy's and check out the other bloggers playing along today!


Latane Barton said...

I love your little garden.

mamasmercantile said...

You have a beautiful garden, a real delight. Love the herb pot, perfect for adding to dishes.

Selma from said...

Love the splashes of colour in your garden and you are growing one of my all time favourites the black eyed susan, I am growing one as well this year, but they are not doing as well as I had hoped, think I am being a little neglectful in watering them!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Everything looks great. Especially the herb garden right at your back door. I wish our environment wasn't so dang dusty all the time. See you soon. :) Tammy

Marie C said...

Beautiful flowers and herb garden! Love the gladiola volunteer! We had one of those as well, a bright red, one year when we lived in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

The herbs are great, so good to grow your own. I can't wait for my herb garden to take off. We're at seedling stage at the moment.

Crimson Kettle said...

Aren't those black eyed susans great! Have a good weekend in the garden.

Bronwyn said...

You've got lot of basil there. Looks like it is time to make some pesto! Have a wonderful weekend!

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