Monday, August 3, 2015

Dog park!

We have started taking Osa to a dog park.  We don't have one locally so we are going to one that is about 20ish minutes away.  It is SO worth the trip!

Big dogs on one side, little dogs on the other....

Is it just me or do little dogs argue more than big dogs?  Big dogs size each other up but the TENSION on the little dog side is palpable!  After sizing up the dogs, we eventually took Osa to the big dog side.  

Osa playing with Riley and Molly.  Molly kicked her butt later so I've got my eye on her now. 

I was warned that she is a bully and apparently does it to all the new kids....

Cooling off with Riley.  Riley is the CUTEST puppy ever!  She won't be small long though, looks to be a Husky and Border Collie mix.  She and Osa got along really well.  

Pooped out!   Look at that happy face!

Nap time...well earned.

She was in one prone position or another the rest of the day...both days!


Kate said...

Glad Osa had fun at the dog park :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fab doggy day out. Thanks for your comment over at my place :)

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