Saturday, February 28, 2015

February craftiness.....

Wow, this month FLEW past!  With a new puppy in the household, I stay busy with her.  She is growing and is is good to have so much energy in the house! 

I made this cozy as part of my craft challenge on my swap blog.  I had something else in mind but having recently become hooked on "The Walking Dead" series, I decided I'd make something with that in mind!    (During Mardi Gras break, we had several season marathons til 3 am.   Now we are caught up!)  

I continued with my CAL that Kerry is hosting and my stash of granny squares is growing.  I won't start putting them together until the summer.

And I made two scarves I've already blogged about here.  The color block one was supposed to be a Christmas gift but darling daughter snagged it for a friend!  

The last thing I made was a set of hacky sacks for a couple of my nephews.  I made 3 for each of them, that way they can also juggle with them if they want.

I found the pattern here via Tammy's blog.  They worked up quickly.  I already printed up the rules so all that is left is to store them away until Christmas!

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A Little Creation said...

I was so busy that I didn't even have a chance to start my zombie project, I think I'm still going to make it.
Chris =]

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