Monday, March 2, 2015

Recipe Box: Peach Cobbler

I have an easy cobbler recipe that I have shared on here before but I thought I would share this one too.  It is a little different and it is nice to have options.

I do not recall my mother EVER making this....but she must have because she wrote how certain family members enjoyed it.

Here is the recipe.  The crossed out name is my sister's EX husband!  hahahaha!!

I'm glad I made it even though I didn't have fresh peaches.  I just used a large can of sliced and drained them well.  I tossed them with half a cup of sugar but the cobbler wasn't sweet enough.  Next time, I'll just use the entire cup as suggested.  After all, it is dessert!

and just the right size for me......

Everyone else had a giant serving along with vanilla ice cream...the cobbler was GONE in no time!

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