Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Snails to Youuuuu...

I think snails are just tooooo cute! Unless they are in my garden! These guys will be on Christmas trees this year!

Here is what I sent Melinda for July's YOE ornament:

this lil snail-a-roo is for her camper...

tea wallet

snail pincushion...

and other goodies include beads, bath salts, a teeny snail charm, emergency chocolate and head kerchief for the camper

Here is what she sent me.....packed into this sweet box

a darling little snail 'elf'

and one with perfectly fun wonky eyes

the card is so cute I may have to turn it into an ornie!

and other goodies....lavender from her garden, charms, a gorgeous pansy hankie, a lovely wallet she made, some scrap booking stash stuff......I love it all!

Thank you Melinda!


Amy said...

Fun! Those are the cutest snails I've ever seen!

The Country Club Kats said...

Oh, too cute,
I have a story . . . My daughter's Beta fish (named Eva) lives in a 6 gallon tank all by herself so we decided to buy a couple of snails to help keep her tank clean. Do you know where I am going with this story?

First we noticed that their antena were missing, then their short antina were missing.

Escargot anyone?

mandapanda said...

Love your snails Val!! In fact, I love all snails, because they make great food for Buffy! lol
The Country Club Kats, I know why yoru snails are being eaten. If it's brightly coloured, then it's male. So I'm assuming it is. Therein lies your problem. Beta = fighter fish. Males fight, kill, and eat anything within their territory. Remove the snails. Problem solved!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love my snail goodies.......gotta tell ya though, the octopus thing is really throwing me!

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