Friday, December 18, 2015

whole lotta baking going on.....

I've been baking up a storm....I decided NOT to bake all the cookies and treats at once.

Instead, I'm doing a little each week so we can eat some and share some and NOT gain 80 pounds!

What do you make the day after Thanksgiving when you realize you forgot them the day OF Thanksgiving?

Apple Roses, got the recipe off Facebook....easy and sooo good!

And of course, there is always Turkey Pot Pie....recipe off Pinterest via Damn Delicious.  I admit I tweaked the recipe, adding some leftover gravy to the roux...delicious!

Pepper Nuts....been making these for EVER.  Best recipe?  From frugalgirl's blog.  I omit anise and double the cloves.  I suggest halving the recipe unless you feel like baking 8 hours straight!  lol

Basic Snicker doodles and my mom's cheese straw "cookies"....

That's all for today.....besides, I need to workout some:


Kerry said...

Adore the rose ..... So beautiful :-)
Today is the day I begin our home baking ..... yum, yum :-)

A Little Creation said...

You're a baking Queen!!
Chris =]

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