Monday, December 21, 2015

Nutcracker Nadine

Each year I host an ornament swap.  I wanted to send something special to one of the ladies.  She is so selfless.  She always creates the most AMAZING ornaments...and this year, she sent in a special treat bag for each of the participants.

She joins all my zombie doll swaps so while wracking my brain on what to make her, I decided a Christmas themed zombie doll would do the trick.

I know, I am so out of control....but here she is in all her glittery gory (oops, GLORY!)


I wrote a little poem to go with her of course, half the fun of creating these dolls is "telling" why they are zombies!

Oh, and she already has a boyfriend!  Of course, he had no IDEA that she was going to eat him for dinner after their "date.!"  That was fine with me, he was born in 1969, WAY too old for a young thing like Ms. Nadine!

Here is a little music to start your week....just imagine Nadine as the "star!"


Kerry said...

..... and you've just made me cry !!!!!
Love my little Nadine <3
Thank you for spoiling me :-)

AutumnWind said...

She is fabulous!!

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