Friday, December 11, 2015

Missing Leonardo Da Kitty

This time of year has us jumping.....

Our annual donation to the pet shelter.   I managed to make  25 beds again.  It was a busy few months, crocheting and sewing them. (see, told ya I was doing stuff!)

Leo went missing the day we dropped off our donation.  Here he is in the last photo I took of him.  Look how handsome.  He was a mellowed out guy by this age.

We it was risky, allowing him to become and indoor/outdoor cat.  But he was a miserable indoor kitty....stress related health issues and basically unhappy.  We almost put him down he was so sickly.  
I guess the trade off of him being happy and healthy for close to 9 years outweighs the sadness I feel now.
The not knowing is tough.  Even Osa still looks for him.  


Amy at love made my home said...

An incredibly kind and wonderful gift! xx

gilly said...

Aww, Val I'm so sad for you that Leo has gone :-( Sending big hugs and a cuddle for Osa too,

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