Monday, August 4, 2014

still saying goodbye...

The weekend of my birthday, we drove to Florida for my parents' joint memorial.  It was hard.  It meant facing that my folks were really gone.   Even though they were elderly, I guess I thought they would live forever.  Even after daddy died, I thought mom would surely out live us all!

I think I still had this vision of them as I did when they were younger.  

My folks weren't terribly sickly through the years.  No cancers or things like that.  Sure, they had issues like everyone does... but nothing chronic like so many of their friends.  I think a part of me just planned for them to stick around "at least" through their 90's.  

I still can't really wrap my head or heart around them being gone.  
No, I'm not expecting a phone call or anything like that.  It is just this feeling of disbelief.  I guess as time goes by, it will wear off.  But I have to wonder.

I love these collages my sisters put together for the memorial.  They are stuffed with photos of my parents in different times of their lives.  I'm so happy they thought to do this.  My mom would have totally approved!


Kerry said...

Oh Val .... From experience, all I can say,is that it takes time. Eventually the hurt is replaced by a plethora of great memories.
You're in my prayers sweet friend.
Love Ya !!!

A Little Creation said...

The collages are wonderful.
Chris =]

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful collages. I'm not sure we ever get over loss 100%. Every time my Mammaw's birthday rolls around in January, I count the age she would be if she were still here. My heart tells me that she could still be alive today at the ripe old age of 110. :) God bless, Tammy

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