Saturday, August 30, 2014

Goings on...

 They say after 50, you feel like things are going faster because you are going downhill...and I am beginning to believe it!

So here is a little catch me up for my family!

Dean went to the Saints game and brought bad juju to the team, they lost.  But he had fun!

Mojo had to go to the vet because of old man issues.  He has never bounced back from losing Ginger. 

I came close to re breaking my foot and get to wear this lovely adornment.  Moral of the story, please, don't exit your sister's car while laughing and saying you were going to steal something from her.   

The weather is changing as evidenced by leaves in the yard!

and I finished another set of glasses for a friend

I painted a few for Halloween too and was going to keep one.  Then I decided, the heck with that and bought this lovely off ebay.  Mom would be proud!  It is a deeper orange than this...beautiful!

Matt came home yesterday and Suki took up residence in his laundry bag!

and I made myself an eyeglass holder necklace "thingie"

Now I'm happily turning my attention to some crochet!!!!


Chatelaine said...

Aw, 50's not so bad! If the Patriots play the Saints I hope Dean is in attendance!

A Little Creation said...

Chris =]

jillytacy said...

I'm with Catelaine, go Pat's :)
Looks like everyone's been busy. Sorry about your foot and I hope Mojo is feeling better now.

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