Monday, November 11, 2013

ya gotta eat......

Nothing like a good bowl of good gumbo....

and Dean's version of "THE" bread.  Everyone has their own version of "THE" bread.   Dean's just not famous for his....but everyone wants to know if he is going to make it.

Make it like this:  Take a french loaf from Wally World and split it down the middle.  Slather sparingly with Smart Balance olive oil spread then sprinkle some garlic granules and a little Tony's for heat.  Then grill it just until it just starts to burn.

It is one of the few foods that I can over eat.  Seriously.  It is THAT good.   (okay, so is my gumbo!)

While the gumbo was cooking, I sipped away on a swirly margarita...using my new favorite glass Jill sent me this past summer.

The margarita was great......a mix of regular and strawberry margaritas that we get from a local daquiri shop.   The polka dots make it taste even better!

And what do you need to top dinner off with?  Home made apple pie with lots of cinnamon sugar on the crust....soooooo good!

Don't you love the little pie owl?  This was the first time I used him and he worked perfectly!


gin said...

yummm. I can taste it! it all looks delicious.

gilly said...

Ooh yummy! One of my favourite things when I visited New Orleans was discovering the delights of gumbo & po'boys! I even bought packets of gumbo mix to bring home with me. Your pics are making me nostalgic...and hungry ;-)
Have a great week,

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