Wednesday, November 13, 2013

doing a little hookin' lately....

Here is a little hooky catch up!

 I have a little tree in my room at school that I decorate each Christmas.   I decided it needed a new garland...the one I had on it last year was a PAIN.  So, I crocheted this popcorn garland for it.
 I found the pattern at hooks and yarns, here.  The pattern is super easy and it whipped up really quickly.  I pulled the tree out and put the garland on it.  The kids were so excited to see it.  

I am hosting my annual Christmas ornament swap and have been experimenting with birdies.   I love this one and think it is super cute....but I have something else in mind I'd like to try.   I can always make more of these if the other idea doesn't pan many of my ideas DON'T.  

I didn't use a pattern.  I used a "G" hook and crocheted in the round for 7 rows, doing increases with each row.  The 8th row is just sc around.  Then I folded it in half to find placement for the body parts.  After sewing them all on and stuffing it a wee bit, I made the tail and crammed it where the sun don't shine.

I bought some lovely yarn last April.....and finally decided what to make with it!  
Oh. My. Gosh!  WHY did I only buy 1 skein?    
It is Marble Chunky...and it is so soft and beautiful.  I am so happy I bought it.   I may have to buy more, this stuff is AMAZING!

If you'd like the pattern, it is called Super Chunky Infinity Scarf.  I found it here at What's For Dinner?  I did make some minor adjustments to the pattern.  Since I am smallish, I only chained 21 because I didn't want it to overpower me by being super wide.  I also made it very long and twisted it once before sewing the edges together.  Mine is wrapped once in the above picture, but it is long enough to wrap twice to become more of a neck warmer.

The only other thing I've been working on is for school.  We are going to yarn bomb our school's bike rack.   I have several of our crochet club members helping.   I can't wait to get it done!  


Quiltingranny said...

That was so clever! What a cute popcorn garland and no mess!

kathyinozarks said...

Oh wow I love your popcorn garland-too cool

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The garland is great. And you know I love that scarf. How fun to yarn bomb the bike rack. In 5th grade, I decided to walk across the top of the bike rack which didn't work out so well since I fell and sprained my wrist. Didn't stop me from climbing trees though, cast and all. I was such a tomboy. :) Best wishes, Tammy

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