Wednesday, November 20, 2013

birdies galore

I've been making ornaments for my themed tree.  Lots and lots of them!   

Some were specific to what I had on hand.  Like this card I altered....

And this "spoolie."  I've seen them but never made one before.   I was going to make a blue bird but never used wool roving before, much less felted it.  Once I got it shaped and dried, it resembled a hummingbird so Dean crammed a painted toothpick in it's wee head.   I think it is perfect.  The best part is that there really are hummingbirds this vibrant blue.  See?

This zentangle one was inspired by something I found on pinterest.  

I liked it enough to make lots more.

Cinnamon birds, another pinterest idea.   
Before I glittered them, they were very aromatic.  You can still smell them but sadly, not as much. Next time I made these, I'll only glitter the front!

Paper clay birds.  This is on pinterest too....hmm.  The lettering is more visible than in the photos.  I like how they turned out, simple bird shapes with holiday sentiments.

I don't think I'll have ANY trouble filling my tree with birds!


Kerry said...

You've been busy girl !!!
Love them all, but that little blue hummingbird is my favorite .... sooo sweet :-)
Now send me some of your crafting mojo please ...... mine has gone .... again !!!!

A Little Creation said...

Next time you make the cinnamon ornies mix the glitter in with the rest of the ingredients, they are not as shiny but they still smell. Try adding a little bit of cinnamon extract too.
Chris =]

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! You have been on a roll. I love the Zentangle birds! And I love how Dean crammed a beak on your brilliant blue hummingbird. Ha! :) Best wishes, Tammy

jillytacy said...

You've made lots of birdies. I can't wait to see the finished tree. I know first hand that the birds are beautiful, there were some in my bird swap package. thanks, I LOVE them!

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