Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's catch up....

It isn't fun to be sick on Valentine's Day....or any holiday.    

Luckily, Matt had to run an errand so that got me moving.  His "errand" turned out to be taking a girl a Valentine teddy bear.....oh my gosh, he was so cute delivering it!  

On our way to the girl's house, I dropped this little heart garland at a local coffee shop...

I usually spend half the day baking and cooking a special meal and dessert.  
Since I didn't feel well, that didn't happen this year.  Instead, Dean picked up some of our favorite dishes from a Thai restaurant on his way home from work.   

I did manage to surprise him with some homemade cookies though...I couldn't let the day pass without a little something special.  These are huge, made with my favorite sugar cookie recipe I got from my mom when I was a kid.

Dean walked in the door with these lovely favorite flower.

You know a man loves you when he goes out of the way to find tulips when all the world is buying roses......
Matt asked me why I get tulips instead of roses and I told him....

We lived in Germany for 3 years when I was in elementary school and we visited so many places.  Each weekend (for the most part) we would go somewhere, to take advantage of being in a different country.   
One of those places was Holland so mom could see the tulip fields...but I think I enjoyed that particular trip more than anyone.  We stayed in a house with a family and they fed us and amazing breakfast before sending us on our way.  

When we first saw the fields, I was so overwhelmed by all the was hard to tell they were flowers at first.  The fields were immense and the colors were amazing.   I actually remember the excitement I felt.

During our walk, I remember telling everyone "I LOVE TULIPS!"
....and I have loved them ever since.  

Mojo had a good day too.  Special treats and toys made his birthday special.

  Hoping you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too!


Jennifer said...

the flowers are beautiful. I got tulips too and love them as well!

Hope you are feeling better :)

Kerry said...

I love the heart cookies - they look delicious!!!
Those tulips are a gorgeous color ... so pretty:-)

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