Tuesday, February 12, 2013

babies and the beanstalk

This past weekend, we dashed over to Florida for a visit.  We  took a couple King Cakes to share.  Once the babies were 'unpastried' (is that a word?) they scrambled away shrieking "the humand are gonna eat us!"  Since none of us are desperate enough to eat plastic, we just let the comment go.

But in the morning we couldn't find them...at first.  Then we heard grumbles and found them climbing this succulent Page has started in her kitchen.  Teeny voices were talking about "climbing being hard work" and then one of them shushed the other and said "shut up! or you'll wake the giants."

The next morning, the little guy on the bottom was complaining about having a stem up "where the sun don't shine."  I offered to help but he told me to "keep my grubby fingers off him!"  Then I was offended, because I do NOT have "grubby fingers!"

By Monday morning, they were much higher up the plant and we overheard them talking quietly about "reaching the big star and making their escape..."

Sadly, we had to leave before they made good on their escape.  I wonder where that big "star" will take them...


A Little Creation said...

tee,hee... =] I'd never heard of a king cake until recently.
Chris =]

vicki said...

Hi Valerie - Your beautiful scarves arrived today -- they are such treasures! Thank you from the botttom of my heart for your heartfelt generosity in donating your handmade gifts of love. I can't wait to take photos of them later this spring -- they will be featured in a beautiful spring tribute to the project in a few months.

You are so sweet and generous to do this and I want you to know how very much this means to me -- I love you for being so very giving. Your gifts will touch lives -- and those that receive your scarves will feel your love when they wear them.


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