Friday, February 22, 2013 2.

Kaela had some girlfriends over during the break to watch movies....

They watched a bunch of old musicals....High Musical 1,2, and 3 and then Hairspray.  They sang along, made fun of things, defended things.....The laughing and giggling was such fun to listen to.   

There was a LOT of squealing too...all caused by THIS man...

Zac Efron....all grown up.

(okay, maybe they have a point but I'm much too refined to gawk...)

Then they got even gigglier and sillier...and I swear I heard some oo-ing and aah-ing.  Then silence. 
I swear I could hear their little hearts POUNDING!   
I didn't know WHAT they were watching so I had to check it out. 
One Direction.  I should have known...

hee hee giggle giggle......peals of laughter ensued.  
But when the boys sang their love songs, I heard a collective sigh.

And when Niall sang, 

Kaela's heart skipped a beat...or two....(Sorry Chris....)

"stop talking, I'm listening."   


Jennifer said...

so funny. to be a teen again! :)

gilly said...

So cute!
Happy weekend,

Kerry said...

Oh that makes me chuckle, because we have the same thing from Brit in this house.
Teenage girls can be so sweet at times.

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