Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here are the two mermaid dotee doll ornaments I made for this month's YOE.

This one has her hair pulled to the side with a flower...hard to see in this photo. I added the little fan on the other side after seeing how cute it was on the other one.

this one has a fan tiara and a cockle shell in her hair

They came together fairly quickly once I figured out what I wanted to use for scales. You can't really see but I used a teeny tiny pink pearl for their belly buttons.

I tried and tried to find boob sized shells at the beach last weekend but the ones I found were too small....and the ones I had in my stash were too large.
I used some foil from the neck of a wine bottle and just cut out starfish instead.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So cute and creative! Those wine bottles are coming in handy. :) Have a great day. Tammy

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I had to giggle because I was picturing you walking the beach looking for boob sized shells lol. Hubby come here and help me find booby shells.....too funny!

Rhonda said...

What cute little mermaids. I love the fuzzy yard you used. It makes the mermaids look as if they're floating in the sea.

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