Friday, July 22, 2011

getting older

Mojo isn't as tough as he used to be.
Thunderstorms scare him now.
They never did before.

I think its because his eyes are getting a bit cloudy. The vet said he doesn't have cataracts so not to panic...yet.

The thunder was really loud last week so here he is under the computer desk, hanging out while he waits for me to finish typing.

Being a herding dog, he is very independent...but now he shadows me like a puppy.

I adore the affection but it breaks my heart because I know the reason behind it is insecurity.
I much prefer seeing him play...dragging his blanket behind him.

We really missed the boat on his name...should have been Linus!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Mojo is such a sweetie! The dog I had growing up, Toni, hated thunderstorms and would always hide. She loved the song Shake Your Booty and would get on her back and shake her bottom back and forth. She made a great pillow when we were just hanging out. I sure did love that dog and still think about her. They make the sweetest companions for sure. Have a great day. Tammy

Denise said...

What a handsome guy! I too have a baby girl that is getting older. My Roxy will be 12 in January. She's also a herding dog (Boarder Collie. She's moving a bit slower and can't play catch as long as she used too. I love her and spend as much time loving on her as I can.

jillytacy said...

Mojo is so sweet. I love that he drags a blanket around! It's sweet that he wants to be with you so much.

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